How to Advertise Your Open House Event

Advertising an open house is a must to make the event successful. If you fail to do the right marketing, people will not know about it hence only a few will show up, which is not what you want. Even if advertising the event will cost you money, you still need to do it. Remember, you need to spend money to get money.  

If you wonder how to advertise your open house, here are some recommendations: 

1.Use the social media 

Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and other social networking sites have millions of users around the world. You can take advantage of the social media’s popularity to advertise your event. Your friends and their friends will be able to view your post and might be convinced to go. Or create an “Event” on FB and invite those who you think are looking for San Antonio Real Estate realtors. Your invitees can choose whether they will go or not, or not sure yet. 

2.Advertise online 

Survey results show that almost 86% of homebuyers started looking for homes online. This only shows how effective the internet is in finding your next client. There are many free online advertisement services but the terms are not that great. You can choose to have pop-up advertisement which can be liked into several websites. There are also many real estate websites that accept open houses advertisement. As an agent, you can contact Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.Org to post your event on their website. 

3.Advertise in your local paper. Local newsprint still has avid readers up to today. When people are looking for homes for sale, they still turn on the real estate section. 

4.Post flyers in strategic areas such as the bulletin boards in stores that allow it. Clubhouses also have bulletin boards where you can post a flyer. Don’t forget to put a flyer in front of your own house and office building.

5. Send mass emails to all your contacts. Your message must contain important information including the description of the property, the address, date and time of the event, and your contact details.

6.Tell your friend and family about the event and ask their help to spread the word about it. 

It’s important to remember that advertising an open house doesn’t guarantee a sale. Organizing an open house is just another marketing strategy to convince the right buyer by showing the entirety of the house.